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After decades of searching for the one ultimate tool to take myself to the 'happy life', the answer actually stood right in front of me. The whole time. It's been waiting for me to open the door and welcome it coming on in.

So, what had been getting in the way to my happily ever after? The answer was fear.

"FEAR? What is fear? I have no fear." I hear it again and again from my coaching clients. You may be saying the same thing right now and are about to leave my website. If you are willing to open your mind up and hear something slightly different than what you've been doing, I'd then like to put you on my party guest list! Since you’re still reading, I know that you’re ready to take some kick ass actions and get the results you have always desired.



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Private Coaching

I have a long partnership with my marriage mentor on private coaching clients. The clients can choose to work with me on one-on-one basis, over a period of six to twelve months. I'm proud to say that my clients have experienced a tremendous transformation and are becoming their happiest self. That makes everything in their life brighter!

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Beta Testing! "WeTalk"

I'm uplifting an in-person meet up into a virtual experience! In my leisure time, I organize gatherings for my friends for getting the 'airtime' - simply sharing what's going on in their life. If they are open to feedback, the other participants will be able to provide advice and coaching.

All participants are required to follow a set of guidelines when participating the gatherings and giving feedback to others.

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“What makes Katherine such an effective coach is that she knows how to listen. She gives you her full attention and lets you say whatever is on your mind. She can identify the relevant issues right away, and then she will help you explore the other sides of a situation which you may not have considered before. She gives intelligent and well thought out advice based on her experience, and she will always tell you about your different options. She’s helped me understand that there are several ways to look at and to solve any problem. I can honestly say that Katherine has given me unique insight about myself and that I always learn something each time I’m with her.”

Ya-Di Wei, Hong Kong

“For as long as I’ve known Katherine, I’ve gone to her for dating and relationship advice. She is nurturing but realistic. She knows how I operate and her advice reflects that. I feel like her intuition and sense for people is really strong, too. She has been spot-on so many times. She was so happy for me when I met my husband, and we continue to talk via Skype about our relationships, how they’re going, how they can improve. Understanding and getting support for your love life is so important, and I’m grateful for her!”

Amy B., U.S.A.

Your coach

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Hi there! You’re in the right party if you’re ready for receiving more love, truth and joy and saying bye to exhaustion and frustration.

See this website as a never-ending party and I’m your party host, Katherine Wong-Velasco, a Life Partier (and an Everyday Show-Upper).

By profession, I was in human resources field and had my MBA degree in Finance. I'm now a relationship/life coach and serving clients who would like to improve their romantic relationships. My customers are successful business owners, home-makers, artists, therapists, etc., from all over the world.

They are so different in terms of profession, gender, sexual orientation, hobbies,...but they all have one thing in common: there are things that they wish they had known earlier.

I don’t mean that they don’t have a good life - they all have a life that is at least good enough compared to the majority of people and according to the prevailing social standard. They are at a life stage which everything is on track and running smoothly, but they still struggle to hold onto to one or a few things that could get them to the inner happiness.

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They are totally free, for now. WHY? Because I want to make them free of charge! I want to make it affordable, eventually, so that many more people can experience the similar kind of transformation that I had.

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“Katherine is the best!!!”

Mélissa B., Canada

“Katherine is an extremely kind, generous and open-minded lady and since I have known her has been a warm and caring friend. She is easy to talk to, an attentive listener and I trust her opinion and guidance in times of stress and trouble. I have every faith that she will be able to help you on your relationship journey.”

Caroline B., Shanghai

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