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Welcome to my party! I'm going to show you how to fill the gap between you and the happiness.

Have you ever feel the desire of deeply connecting with other people? It's not just about having friends or not - you probably have a lot of friends in your social circle, Facebook, IG, etc. Yet, you still feel the loneliness and lack of a solid support system for you to move forwards to your goals. You definitely have a good life, but you still question of 'how to remove the mental fog, and start feeling living your life purpose?'.



"WeTalk" - Revolutionizing Your Ordinary Meet-ups

Do you miss connecting with like-minded people in your community? At WeTalk, a conscious online meet-up with intentions, you have your 5 minutes' 'air-time' of sharing what's going on in your life (e.g. relationship, career, money, life mission, and anything)! If you seek for guidance, your fellow participants can share their advice to you that are based on a set of guidelines (#NoJudgementZone).

It's a great opportunity for you to celebrate what you've already accomplished, while you might not consciously aware about it, and hold yourself accountable on your next step(s).

Just use your phone or the Zoom app on your smartphone/computer to join the party. The next dates are 8pm East Coast Time on 19th February Saturday and 8am East Coast Time on 24th February Sunday. Email me your name and event time preference(s) at

(I totally respect privacy. By agreeing to provide me your email address, you understand and permit me to use your email address for notifying some super useful and fun resources in the future.)

Prefer a More Private Experience?

"Katherine is the best!!!", Mélissa B., Canada

I also work with people who constantly becoming their better self, on a one-on-one basis, over 6-12 months. As many of my clients shared, the time and money investment are totally reasonable. They're proud to see a bigger result than expected and able to enjoy more inner peace and joy in life.

If you're interested to learn more about private coaching and its pricing, NOW click the button below 'Book Your Free Call'. Give yourself an opportunity to find out how coaching will benefit your happiness and peace level.

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What People Are Saying About Me

“I am so grateful I took the brave step to sign up for coaching. I had no idea I would find the best Coach for me!  Katherine was so engaging and supportive, it is hard to put into words. There were two calls in particular that stand out. On both calls I was in such a dark and despondent place, and in a matter of minutes I went from hopeless to smiling and laughing. I have never had such a quick turnaround on outlook in my life. Both times Katherine provided supportive listening without judgement and provided simple practical steps I could take to feel empowered and ultimately put myself back together, rather then seeking something outside of myself to feel right again.  Those coaching sessions in particular give me hope when the dark clouds threaten. I’m so glad I invested in myself and am so grateful that Katherine was my Coach. I would encourage anyone to make the investment in coaching.”
Jenny W., U.S.A.

“For as long as I’ve known Katherine, I’ve gone to her for dating and relationship advice. She is nurturing but realistic. She knows how I operate and her advice reflects that. I feel like her intuition and sense for people is really strong, too. She has been spot-on so many times. She was so happy for me when I met my husband, and we continue to talk via Skype about our relationships, how they’re going, how they can improve. Understanding and getting support for your love life is so important, and I’m grateful for her!”

Amy B., U.S.A.

Your coach

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Katherine Wong-Velasco

Hi there! You’re in the right party if you’re ready for receiving more love, truth and joy and saying bye to exhaustion and frustration.

See this website as a never-ending party and I’m your party host, Katherine Wong-Velasco, a Life Partier (and an Everyday Show-Upper).

For years, I had my MBA degree and was in human resources discipline training people on maximizing their talents. I'm a Psychology Counselor (CTAA Practitioner) and applied Cognitive Behavior Therapy knowledge in my coaching work. My clients see me as their coach when they can relate to my life story.

No matter what your profession, hobbies, life interests, etc, I know you and I have one thing in common: there are things that we know we have known earlier. We love reading and learning how things work. We seldom seldom comprise our happiness. We definitely have a good life - a life that is at least good enough compared to the majority of people and according to the prevailing social standard. You're at the life stage now that you feel like you're 'on track', but you still struggle to keep up the self discipline and not to lose sight on having more happiness and fewer pains.

Especially when life gets busy - you forgot about why you're doing what you're doing.

After decades of searching for the ultimate tool of manifesting the happily-ever-after-life, I discovered that, I alone, have more than enough inner strength and power to create what I want to own in my life.

There's no one out there but you. Your true self is like a long lost friend, who has been standing outside your house, waiting for you to open the door and welcoming her to come on in to join your home gathering.

I invite you to join my party with intentions! This party is for you if you're looking for regular emotional support and you're open to connect with new friends who are like-minded. You're going to get clarity on your dreams and goals and feel the peace of mind that is very therapeutic.

My party guests are conscious about what they want in life. Are you one of them? If yes, I invite you to join on my life party's guest list! As you’re still reading this paragraph without moving on to the next thing on your mind, I know that you’re ready to take some kick ass actions and manifest the results you've always desired.

I invite you to check out my blog posts and subscribe to my newsletter (go to the bottom of this page). Coming to my website is going to be a fun, never-ending party with you.

What People Are Saying About Me

“What makes Katherine such an effective coach is that she knows how to listen. She gives you her full attention and lets you say whatever is on your mind. She can identify the relevant issues right away, and then she will help you explore the other sides of a situation which you may not have considered before. She gives intelligent and well thought out advice based on her experience, and she will always tell you about your different options. She’s helped me understand that there are several ways to look at and to solve any problem. I can honestly say that Katherine has given me unique insight about myself and that I always learn something each time I’m with her.”

Ya-Di Wei, Hong Kong

“Katherine is an extremely kind, generous and open-minded lady and since I have known her has been a warm and caring friend. She is easy to talk to, an attentive listener and I trust her opinion and guidance in times of stress and trouble. I have every faith that she will be able to help you on your relationship journey.”

Caroline B., China

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